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Customized training products

Our team is committed to providing the highest quality orientation training products available. For company’s requiring specialized training products, our GeoTasks can be configured in a variety of ways to maintain high quality safety training by allowing customization of the RealSafe Immersive 360 degree video training system. Our team along with client personnel, will co-develop a customized storyboard. The storyboard will allow our Videographers to record real-life 360 degree videos at the site of our clients choosing. After the video recordings are complete, our team will produce a high-quality interactive 360 degree video which will be embedded within a customized GeoTask. The customized GeoTask will be uploaded to both VR Headsets and Website with restricted access granted to only students of the sponsoring client.

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Low cost electronic simulation

GeoCareer’s Behavioral eLearning System (BELLS) incorporates a modular design which allows cost-efficient alternative to expensive fixed-asset simulators. Our modular system incorporates an active on-line updating program which eliminates training disruptions by scheduling all updates during non-peak hours.