Safe Work Experience is Our Product

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Achieving zero industrial accidents and fatalities

Worldwide, industrial companies have devote time, resources and monetary commitments to actively reduce industrial accidents and fatalities. Unfortunately, traditional on-the-job training programs are failing to meet the demands of a younger, more diverse workforce.

  • Over 50% of accidents occur to those workers with less than one-year of service (called Short Service)

  • One Industrial US Sector reports averaging over 4000 Lost Time Injuries and 27 Fatalities each year.

  • These life altering injuries severely impact individuals and their families due to convalescence and long-term care.

  • Unfortunately, the monetary impact to this one sector approaches over $1.8 Billion per year

    Learning Styles

Traditional on-the-job industrial training programs are failing to meet the increasing demands for a more diverse, younger workforce.

  • Visual - Learn By Sight

  • Auditory - Learn Actively Listening

  • Kinesthetic (Tactile) - Learn By Hands-On

According to Adult Education expert Dr. Dale Newton, most conventional lecture-based training programs target only Visual and Auditory learning styles. Unfortunately, most plant and field workers’ learning styles are Kinesthetic or Tactile. Simply put, these workers excel with hands-on, repetitive practice.


Introducing the world’s first immersive training system specifically designed to encompass all three types of learning styles. 

  • Our system blends high-tech interactive experiences with fully immersive real-world 360 degree videos

  • Can be applied to any industry and is offered in many languages.

  • Bridges the gap between traditional high cost labor intensive training programs by offering low-cost series of training products.

realsafe simulator

A virtual reality simulator uses 360-degree video of actual field problems and solutions.

  • Cause and effects of actual field problems

  • Multiple languages

  • Both daylight and night time operations can be demonstrated.

360-Degree RealSafe Video for Cause and Effect Experiences