GeoCareer eWorkbooks are designed to support GeoTasks and Modules and contain reference material used to explain each task in detail. These eWorkbooks contain interactive materials such as lecture series and three-dimensional models. As shown above, students may activate videos, animations or presentation style lectures to augment supplemental reading material. The eWorkbooks also contain interactive three-dimensional models which allow students to zoom in or out and rotate these models for a improved understanding of component interactions.

The following introductory information shown below has been reproduced form our eWorkbook for Drops Objects Prevention Strategy.


1.1.    The DROPS™ methodology, if followed closely, will reduce the number of dropped objects from within the derrick structures.  Using the following criteria, the desired goal will be to eliminate hazards through PROPER

1.1.1. Design

1.1.2. Procurement

1.1.3. Installation

1.1.4. Operation

1.1.5. Maintenance


2.    As every rig and support structure is custom manufactured, no one set of guidelines can be applied to all rigs.  This eBooklet contains a general set of guidelines and suggestions which can be applied to all rigs.  Our team’s goal is to provide safety knowledge before entering the worksite


Embedded within our eWorkbooks are key presentations (presented within RealSafe Simulator Educational Modules).  These presentations represent key safety points in which the student will be tasked at understanding and executing.  Below left is a representative page from the DROPS eWorkbook.