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General safety training sessions such as Lecture, Safety Systems, Checklist and Quizzes may be augmented with site-specific RealSafe 360-Degree Interactive Video Training Sessions. Our training experts work with individual clients to develop fit-for-purpose storyboard for an individualized training program. Our Videographers and Producers will record video at a client preferred site. Once complete, our Producers will work with our programmers to develop a site-specific RealSafe simulation for individual client.

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offset high priced simulations

To supplement Lecture and On-the-job Training, larger companies with sufficient capital may incorporate fixed asset simulation training as part of their training program. These systems are often costly requiring large capital and expense commitment, as the fixed asset are expensive and require dedicated specialized labor force to implement simulation training. These types of fixed asset simulators also require intensive and costly maintenance.

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GeoCareer offers cost efficient Behavioral eLearning System which offers a lower cost alternative to fixed asset simulators. Using real-life interactive videos incorporated within our five-session GeoTask, BELLS has been designed as a first-step orientation program. Designed to enhance client training programs, our products offer great understanding and longer memory recall of key important safety programs.