Our team began program development by performing a five year review of oilfield safety statistics, then reviewing the frequency of accidents per task.  Our team identified 86 key job safety topics in which, safety performance must be ensured.

86 Key Job Safety Topics Identified

86 Key Job Safety Topics Identified


INDUSTRIAL and university participation

Our development team was challenged with increasing overall long term safety knowledge and decreasing amount of time needed for job familiarization.  In discussions with industrial and university educators, our team recognized multiple exposures to tasks (trial and error) are needed to maximize memory recall.   Our team’s BELLS system is an integrated program which reduces training time, increases safety awareness and maximizes memory recall.

comprehensive SUBJECT MATTER

Our educational system employs the latest state-of-the-art systems challenging our students with greater comprehension within a realistic problem-based simulator.  

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Designed for Maximum Recall

Our educational architecture allows our student to revisit the same subject matter multiple times.  Physiological research has shown with multiple exposures, cognitive recall is significantly improved. Our system emulates the problem-based "trial and error" methodology which is emulates the best way in which humans learn.