Behavioral eLearning Systems for Industrial Safety Orientation Targeting Short Service Employees

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Not ANOTHER Certification Course

One of the largest burdens challenging worldwide industrial growth is finding and retaining a diverse, skilled and technically experienced workforce.

  • Exacerbated by turnover workforce and the exit of an aging technical workforce.

  • Traditional on-the-job training program are failing to meet demand.

  • Growing gap results in over one-half of all industrial accidents and fatalities occur to those workers with less than one year of service (short service).

Training programs are enhanced by simulations of lifelike experiences.

  • Simulations are premium priced due to limited competition, narrow market of industrial replicas.

  • Significant costs include long term maintenance and dedicated staffing.

  • Primarily marketed to individual companies or institutions with sufficient means.

Understanding Learning Styles

Based on discussions with Adult Education expert, Dr. Dale Newton, most conventional lecture-based training programs target only Visual and Auditory learning styles.  

  • Lecture-based programs don’t challenge Kinesthetic (tactile or hands-on) learning styles of skilled workers. 

  • For Kinesthetic learning styles, the use of active hands-on repetition stimulates cognitive memory recall allowing each individual improved long term memory recall of simple tasks. 

Kinesthetic Learning Styles require multiple sessions to maximize memory recall.

Kinesthetic Learning Styles require multiple sessions to maximize memory recall.


Introducing the world’s first immersive training system specifically designed to encompass all three types of learning styles. 

  • GeoCareer’s Behavioral Learning System (Bells) bridges the gap between traditional high cost labor intensive training programs with a low-cost interactive fully immersive platform designed by industrial experts.

1. GeoTasks The foundation of Bells starts with individual GeoTasks (meaning Real World Tasks).

  • Expert designed, we specialize in separating complex tasks into manageable single tasks.

  • GeoTasks reproduces lifelike problems normally encountered in service, regardless of type of industry.

  • To assist in managing multiple GeoTasks, our team compiles three or more GeoTasks into one subject Module.

2. eWorkbooks - To support the RealSafe Simulator, our team has developed a series of electronic workbooks which can be used separately or in conjunction with the RealLife simulator, offering expert advice and outlining potential equipment or system problems. Each eWorkbook is fully interactive, combining reference information with animations, presentations and three-dimensional drawings or visual aids.  
3. GeoProps - A series of structured scale models are provided for understanding assembly/disassembly of key equipment components. 

Bells eLearning System Comprise of Three Product Groups

Bells eLearning System Comprise of Three Product Groups

Over 80 Topics Are Covered in Ten (10) Modules

Over 80 Topics Are Covered in Ten (10) Modules


eWorkbooks are designed for a multiple language format which provides an improved understanding of "why" safety systems are needed and "how" to safely perform a variety of field operations.

Our Educational Modules and visual aids have been integrated into these electronic booklets for faster comprehension of complex job task.

realsafe simulator

A virtual reality simulator uses 360-degree video of actual field problems and solutions.

  • Multiple languages

  • Cause and effects of actual field problems

  • Both daylight and nighttime operations can be demonstrated.

RealSafe Simulator